Drink System Ltd. filling machine tender

Drink System Ltd, with 24 years of experience in beverage bottling technology, develops and manufactures a small capacity (1000-1200 cans/hour) can filling machine that enables craft beverage plants (e.g. craft beer plants) to switch from manual to automatic filling. This will require the production of a small, mobile machine capable of handling the main can sizes (0,25/0,33/0,5 l) and the automatic changeover between them. Full automation also requires the optional connectivity of a can loading and unloading conveyor system capable of feeding hundreds of cans automatically. In addition to automation, the quality of the bottling process is also an important aspect, as the contact of the beverage with oxygen during bottling (oxygen pick-up) reduces the quality of the beverage and shortens its shelf life. With this in mind, our company has made it a priority to ensure extremely low oxygen pick-up during filling.

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