Development of a multifunctional automatic beverage filling machine

Drins System Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. has been awarded a grant of HUF 211 731 016, of which HUF 120 728 71, as a result of the positive assessment of the grant application No 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2021-00270, submitted to the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, entitled “Development of a multifunctional automatic beverage filling machine for small-scale use by Drink System Kft.”  The company has 48 months to complete the project. Drinks System Ltd. aims to develop and prototype a multifunctional automatic machine for filling and closing/closing cylindrical aluminium cans (can filling machine), thus supporting the transition of small-scale craft beverage plants to automatic production. The can filling machine will be equipped with an optional in-feed and out-feed conveyor system capable of automatically feeding hundreds of cans to increase automation and create an ergonomic working environment. Currently, the small-capacity box filling machines available on the market are manual feeders.  The type and quality of the product to be filled by the equipment is wide ranging, including fruit juices, energy and sports drinks, other still and acidic soft drinks, beers, wines. The basic objective of the project is to promote sustainable economic development through forward-looking environmental solutions in the fields of production, operation, maintenance and cleanliness, thus contributing to the international production of Hungarian operators and the competitiveness of craft beverage plants. The expected outcome of the project is the automation of filling technology, production efficiency and quality improvements in small-scale beverage plants.

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