Conveyor production work

Our company has produced conveyor system for different industries since the beginning of 2000s. During this time we have got several solutions to our clients whether a complete system or the parts of the system. After the local survey and coordination we make a visualization in 2D about the path that we check with our orderer in every case. After a successful project the documentaries are given. We can plan and make complete, assembled automated systems thank to our right technological capacity, machinery, experienced design team and optimal inventory. The subassembly can be bought individually with short delivery time, so we are committed to smaller investments, too. The complete automation is available with full documentation (the inspection of electric shock protection, connection diagram, technical drawing documentation, CE statement, risk analysis)  if you want.

We produce:

  • bottle conveyor (PET bottle, glass)
  • parcel/pack conveyor
  • pallet conveyor
  • box conveyor
  • inliner
  • air track

Our tracks/conveyors can deal with the falls, whether it is a few-degree slope or steps or even a full floor, too.